I may have missed a day..

What day is it? Honestly I don’t know. Ha! We made it to Rome, after a long and exhausting plane ride.

At the Atlanta airport we met up with our friends Anne and John Lugar who are also going to Italy with us. Martha was reassuring John that “I promise this isn’t a girls trip!”

We were waiting on the plane to arrive to the Atlanta airport for while and Martha of course asks, “Well what do y’all wanna do now, sing a song?” Um. No. She then gave us a demonstration of the eye mask that she planned on wearing on the plane.

We finally boarded the plane and watched the movie Bridesmaids and also played word games. Who knew there were so many four letter words!?

It was a looong night flying over the Atlantic. Martha sat in the middle between me and Marian. We all tried to sleep, but didn’t. Martha said my toes kept poking her side but I was just trying to curl up and get comfortable. I sat by the window and could see the stars so clear and even saw Orion’s Belt.

It seemed like we had 3 hours and 30 min left to go for a long time.

But before long, we’d be in Rome!

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