Italian Food and the Vatican

It’s amazing what sleeping and showering will do for you! I woke up feeling so much better and no headache! We went to breakfast to begin the day on the terrace of the hotel. It had a beautiful view of Rome and the cappuccino and breakfast was amazing. I had bees swirling around me for some reason but who cares?!

From breakfast we went on a Gastronomic food tour-um…yes, please! We walked from place to place with our tour guide Luca. We were able to try the best of the best and even went to a market. The best restaurant with the best pasta!

We did a bit some shopping and bought a few surprises.

It’s crazy hot here! We are sweating all the time, but so is everyone else so it’s not that big of a deal. It seems like Italians don’t use air conditioning as much as Americans do. They use it but don’t keep it as low as we do. Also all the buttons to flush toilets are on the wall! And it our hotel, to turn on the lights you have to stick your room key into a secret slot. I’ve been drinking a lot of water because it’s so hot and we have done so much walking. The water balances out the wine so win/win.

We then went to the Vatican. There is no way I could post all the pictures here. It was amazing. Ah May Zing. There was art everywhere! I got to see Michelangelo’s Last Judgement which has been a favorite of mine since college. I couldn’t believe I was seeing it in person! My brian kept doing double takes. The Vatican is huge and there is so much to see! Our tour of the Vatican took 3 hours. We were exhausted but amazed. Take a look at the pics below:

I could post more about the Vatican but really there is just so much to see. We toured the. Ativan for 3 hours and still did not see it all. There were also paintings by Matisse, Chagall, and Salvador Dali.

After the Vatican, we went to dinner at around 10:00pm! We were starved! The restaurant authentic and we had pasta and wine.

Then we had to call a cab back to the hotel. There had been a futbol game and their were hardly any cabs to be found. Anne found one, so we all decided to share the cab but the car didn’t exactly fit 5 people, so we had to pile in with Marth sitting in my lap!

Probably the craziest pic of the night! Ha!

Tomorrow we head to a villa in Umbria which is near Tuscany. I love all the history of Rome. It’s fashion, history, and art. What more could you ask for? Good food and wine? Oh they have that too! Everywhere you look the city is beautiful. Even the “normal” locations! When I look around I imagine Julius Caesar walking around saying “You guys still using this stuff?” Ha!

With our tour guide, Sabrina!

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