Chooo Choo

All aboard! We made it to the train! Finally! Whew! We rode a taxi from the hotel to the train station. The train station was crowded and confusing. Bonus-we saw the cutest dogs! I guess dogs are allowed on a train. Who knew?

We were waiting at the station for the station board to show where our train was located. We got there early so it wasn’t displaying right away. Then suddenly we saw it! We went the wrong way at first and then had to make a mad dash with break neck speed to get to where we were going. Anne has a stress fracture on her foot and she was ahead of all of us-boot and all! I had bought us all muffins (they were crazy good) so we were all juggling coffee and I had a bag full of muffins that I was gripping!

Martha was getting mad at her suitcase because it kept falling over and the bag she had attached to the extended handle kept flipping over. Me and Marian were trailing behind. It was hot and my watch kept saying “Are you working out?” We finally made it to the train, Martha chunked her luggage with all 100 lbs (that’s a guess) of herself. She had had just about enough of that suitcase! Ha! We were sweating and laughing. Oh my gosh, we made it! Getting there was no joke.

While waiting at the train station. I saw a golf cart thing that looked like a frog. Do you see it?

Here’s a view of the train station:

The suitcases that almost got thrown under the train! Ha!

Finally we arrived Chiusi!! Then ate at a restaurant and the took a taxi to Umbria where the villa is!

2 responses to “Chooo Choo”

  1. Love Umbria and all things 🇮🇹 Italy. Yall are killing me with the crazy fun you all are having. I would love to do Italy like this next time.

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