No worries. I’m fine.

So I took a break from writing yesterday. Yesterday was our wine and cheese tour. So let’s just say that most of my day was spent like this:

Who knew that you roll wine around in your glass and smell it? I was getting notes of “I want to live here now.” I’m pretty sure there is 0 Italian blood running through my veins but could I live here? Absolutely. I keep making “returning to my homeland” jokes.

It’s beautiful here-like really beautiful. Breathtaking.

The city we visited was Montepulciano which I believe means “Mountain of Allie’s new address”. Gorgeous! The town and the views were insane. Here are a few pics:

Even the trash here is beautiful. You know how you accumulate random stuff in your backyard? Say, a broken trampoline, or an old baby pool? The closest they have to that here are, broken terracotta pots scattered in their yards. Beautiful trash (also not trash at all).

We went to a vineyard yesterday and even ate grapes from the vine. Then from there, we went to a wine cellar. While down in the cellar drinking wine and eating lasagna (as you do), we could hear a thunderstorm and driving rain. The storms here sound like…imagine your perfect summer storm, hard rain, loud thunder, whipping wind-it sounds like a Nature Sounds CD. Perfect, of course.

Here are some pics from the vineyard and the wine cellar. Also, I want to say I’m grateful you read this blog. I’m grateful that you look at these pics, because if you knew the “mouse running on a wheel” internet speed that it takes to upload these photos-ha! Here are the photos: (I’m going to take a long shower while they upload, hopefully it will be done by the time I get out)

We are having a great time! Here are some photos of us goofing off:

Bernie and Terri carjacking
I’m kidding!
What are we supposed to do with this guy?

We are going to Assisi today! I’ll write more tomorrow! Thanks for following along!

3 responses to “No worries. I’m fine.”

  1. Oh Allie! Everything about this blog is beautiful, especially you! 😍 I am so glad you are taking us along on your trip – I hope to be able to see it all with my own eyes some day, but until then, I’ll see it through yours! 💝

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