The Patron Saint of TikTok

Today was the first day that we braved driving ourselves. The day before we were all piled into a church bus sort of thing, with a driver. (this gets confusing because I’m actually writing this the day after-anyway-sorry I’m tired) So on this day we rented two cars to drive ourselves! Our group split into the 2 cars. Shout out to Anne Lugar who drove us-she the real MVP because it was not easy! We drove down tiny narrow streets on our way to Assisi. At one point, we drove down a street only to find it blocked! See the pic of what we saw below:


Martha got out of our car, and tried to explain in English that we needed to get past them. The driver threw up her hands and gestured to the car like, what am I to do? Then Martha, without taking a quick pollof the group, said “What if we helped?” So then we all jumped out of our car and began carrying some sort of animal feed pellets into her business.

Me, being strong.

We were laughing! They were shocked for the unexpected American assistance. Some people were able to carry two bags at once (ahem, Marian) so me, wanting to carry my fair share tried to carry two at once as well. This is how that turned out:

No upper body strength whatsoever.
My arms really are just bracelet holders.

Here are a few more pics, including the garbage man who also needed to get down the street.

We needed up making friends!

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Then we were off to Assisi-home of Francis of Assisi and Saint Clare.

Assisi is on a hill and all the buildings are a beautiful stone white. The churches are a mix of gothic and classic. (Who listened on the tour? Me!) Also, did you know that St. Francis’ Dad used to chain him in his room? That’s terrible! Also, Saint Clare (who’s mummified body we were able to view 🤷🏼‍♀️) was called the Saint of television in a joking way by the locals. One of her miracles (to be a saint-gotta have those miracles) was that she was able to know what was happening in mass, and pray and follow along, even though she was bed ridden at home. So they said it was like she had watched it on television. Which of course wasn’t around until several centuries later. Marian, who’s daughter is also named Claire, was soaking up all the information so she could relay it all to her daughter. Both Claire(s) are honest. Marian said her daughter was the Patron Saint of TikTok, while the other Clare is the Saint of Television! Below are some photos from Assisi.

After our tours, we were able to do some shopping in the quaint stores scattered throughout the hill of Assisi. That hill is no joke. We went from the very bottom to our car at the very top. Our calves (moo!) were killing us! Some the sidewalk/roadways were almost straight up. My Apple Watch doesn’t know what has happened to me! My watch kept sending me messages “Wow! Goal achieved! You’re working out!” You can almost hear the surprise coming through my watch’s messages. The poor watch thinks that it has finally gotten through to me. No, I’m shopping, but sure, I’ll take the accolades.

Straight up

In one shop, Martha was told that if she presented the shop owner with her passport that he could stamp it and she would receive a rebate at the airport. Well, we all know from my previous post that Martha wears 2 money belts while we shop. (The South Bank and the North Bank). Martha’s passport was deep in South Bank and she was wearing a dress. She told the shop keepers and they said 🤷🏼‍♀️. So Martha crouches down and begins searching. The store owner is saying “Sorry no back room”. After a bit of digging, South Bank produced the passport and Martha was able to get the stamp for the rebate! Martha has always been a sucker for a good deal!

We drove back to our villa after seeing the breathtaking town, touring the churches, climbing the hill, and shopping. We were greeted with the smells of picci pasta, roast chicken and potatoes, and tiramisu for dessert. It was a long, tiring, day but unforgettable.

On our way home, we saw a rainbow. See if you can see it in the pic below. Also, thanks again to Anne, who can brave the Italian roads!

8 responses to “The Patron Saint of TikTok”

  1. Allison, you are quite the gal of humor! 😂
    Love reading your blog of the trip. I just know I want to go with y’all next time you take a big adventure . Y’all look and sound like lots of fun! ❤️👍🏼

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  2. Allison, this is your great uncle, Morris! I have read some of your blog this morning on Marian’s Famthing email and I have been so jealous of you three girls because I loved going to Italy back in 2011 and I would love to go back gain but I do not think that I would be real good at climbing those cotton-picking hills and helping to load animal food bags as you girls did!!!! I love your blog and your photos are beautiful. I am so glad that you three sisters were able to do this together but you really needed your great uncle to go with you to help your three since ALL THREE of you are SO SHY and have nothing to say!!!!! NOT, NOT, NOT!! I am sure that your trip was loads of fun.Thanks for sharing!!!!! Uncle Morris

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  3. Oh, Allison, I forgot to say this, this morning when I wrote…..I do know that some women in the South that use the Bra-bank of America and some call it Mammary Holders Bank, Inc. So, perhaps Martha’s banks are more conservative than your Uncle Morris since her banks are called simply North and South! Mine would have been something like Jockey Bank of America or maybe Haynes Holders Bank! And you thought that I was just an old man of no financial interest!!!!! I need to shut my mouth before I embarrass myself! Love to you and Your SISTERS! Unk

    Liked by 1 person

    • Uncle Morris you are too funny! Those are perfect names for Martha’s banks! I will definitely let her know! At one point during the day, a long day of shopping and walking, the banks merged, but I believe the merge was unsuccessful because a las they are separate again. Love you lots! Thanks for commenting!


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