Alora, shipping is not free

Shipping is not free, or if it seems free, it is really just added in to the price. One of our guides said, “Alora, shipping is not free” when we asked about shipping. It’s kind of been the motto of the trip! We’ve been able to navigate our way through the Italian language with just a few words:

I know a few more phrases, but basically that will get you through the day. Also, just add an “io” to a Spanish word and you might be good to go!

We’ve averaged about 5 miles of walking a day! That’s a lot of shopping! Shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Martha was walking around with gelato in her shoe. Here is a pic of John, being a good sport and carrying our bags:

He’s carrying them like they are trash bags, but I assure you, they are not.

You might even get a discount if you play your cards right:

Italians love their dogs! There are dogs everywhere! (I added some cats too)

My posts have been sporadic because we’ve been so busy and honestly we are all so tired! Also the internet is rare and spotty at best.

Me, falling asleep during cooking class.

We took a cooking class and the food was delicious, even if we do say so! We cooked with careful supervision. Below are some pics from our cooking class:

There’s also a dessert drink named Lemoncello…which you have to drink verrrry slowly!

Martha wanted to make sure there wasn’t any flies on the pasta

We made homemade picci pasta, stuffed tomatoes, polenta, steak, and duck pasta. We had chocolate cake and something that looked like ice cream but wasn’t-it wasn’t gelato either. It was something like frio frady.

On most days when we come home from a long day of shopping, we come home to a home cooked Italian meal! Thanks Alice! We all sit around the table and laugh and share the treasures we have purchased throughout the day. Linda had us do our best animal noises one night!

We all laughed until we cried! Marian did an expert job of “cats in heat” and who knew that Bernie can sound just like a chicken!?

We also spent some time in Siena, and it was stunning. We visited the Duomo. Which was one of the most elaborate churches I have ever seen!

Today we are in Cortona! Tomorrow we leave for the train to take us back to Rome.

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