Headed Home

We finished our 2 weeks in Italy with a day trip to Cortona and Montepulcanio. We did quite a bit more shopping (yikes! Our bags are heavy!) and climbed the hills of more towns! I stubbed my toe pretty bad but I am soldiering on! We finished the evening with dinner at home! Veal and green peas with Chianti risotto. Delicious! We had a good night’s rest and then packed up, I mean, sat on our suitcases and zipped them up! I have never prayed so hard for zippers to stay strong!

Below are a few of our final photos:

We took a taxi to the town where the train station is and ate our last lunch together at restaurant named The Seasons. It was raining and we got there before the restaurant opened. John was nice enough to stay with our luggage while we shopped in the stores nearby.

John surrounded by a wall of luggage.

We had a delicious final Italian meal and then headed to the station. Then the train chase began again. It’s confusing and crowded and we we’re running again to make it in time! We made it with 0 time to spare! We had to wear masks on the train. Martha said she looked like a stagecoach bandit! Ha!

Stick em up!

We arrived back in Rome and settled in at our hotel for the night. We are in the hotel restaurant and some of us ordered American food! I had French fries and they were some of the best I’ve ever eaten!

We woke up and headed to the Rome airport. We are tired but had an unforgettable Italian experience. Going through security was stressful and I was flagged for a short while but it was fine. We were happy to have made it through security and waiting at the gate.

Thanks for following AllieinItaly.com and keeping up with all of our adventures! We’ve had an amazing trip! I probably won’t post again-unless something crazy happens-ha! So I’m hoping I don’t post again! We’ve had enough craziness! Ha! Ciao everyone! ❤️

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