• Headed Home

    Headed Home

    We finished our 2 weeks in Italy with a day trip to Cortona and Montepulcanio. We did quite a bit more shopping (yikes! Our bags are heavy!) and climbed the hills of more towns! I stubbed my toe pretty bad but I am soldiering on! We finished the evening with dinner at home! Veal and…

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  • Alora, shipping is not free

    Alora, shipping is not free

    Shipping is not free, or if it seems free, it is really just added in to the price. One of our guides said, “Alora, shipping is not free” when we asked about shipping. It’s kind of been the motto of the trip! We’ve been able to navigate our way through the Italian language with just…

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  • The Patron Saint of TikTok

    The Patron Saint of TikTok

    Today was the first day that we braved driving ourselves. The day before we were all piled into a church bus sort of thing, with a driver. (this gets confusing because I’m actually writing this the day after-anyway-sorry I’m tired) So on this day we rented two cars to drive ourselves! Our group split into…

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  • No worries. I’m fine.

    No worries. I’m fine.

    So I took a break from writing yesterday. Yesterday was our wine and cheese tour. So let’s just say that most of my day was spent like this: Who knew that you roll wine around in your glass and smell it? I was getting notes of “I want to live here now.” I’m pretty sure…

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  • Chooo Choo

    Chooo Choo

    All aboard! We made it to the train! Finally! Whew! We rode a taxi from the hotel to the train station. The train station was crowded and confusing. Bonus-we saw the cutest dogs! I guess dogs are allowed on a train. Who knew? We were waiting at the station for the station board to show…

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  • Italian Food and the Vatican

    Italian Food and the Vatican

    It’s amazing what sleeping and showering will do for you! I woke up feeling so much better and no headache! We went to breakfast to begin the day on the terrace of the hotel. It had a beautiful view of Rome and the cappuccino and breakfast was amazing. I had bees swirling around me for…

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  • Conquering Rome

    Conquering Rome

    We arrived on Thursday around 11 am. The three of us hadn’t slept or if we had, it wasn’t more than minutes at a time. The FCO airport was big! I got my passport stamped and we made our way to baggage claim. Martha and Marian’s luggage arrived safely! Hooray! Have I mentioned already that…

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  • I may have missed a day..

    I may have missed a day..

    What day is it? Honestly I don’t know. Ha! We made it to Rome, after a long and exhausting plane ride. At the Atlanta airport we met up with our friends Anne and John Lugar who are also going to Italy with us. Martha was reassuring John that “I promise this isn’t a girls trip!”…

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