Here We Go!

We are leaving today from Birmingham with a layover in Atlanta (a lengthy one) then straight to Rome! I think it will be Thursday in Rome when we get there.

We spent last night folding Euros, ironing clothes, and Marian was even sewing! Mom ended up having to redo Marian’s sewing because when Marian asked how it looked, Mom said, “Well, it does look better than the hole that was there.” 😂

Martha gave us run down of things to remember and where to hide your cash. John reminded us not to help people in need-it’s a trap, by the way! Martha will be wearing two money belts. We like to call it the South Bank and North Bank. Last minute decisions were made like when Marian said:

“I think I’m going take that little makeup bag that I got my gun in and use it take that for my money”

We checked in virtually and read our passports numbers to Marth. All set!

Marian somehow has about 3-4 Pacsafe purses and gave us all compression socks because you know-blood clots. Martha brought enough masks for everyone on the plane. Mom reminded us not to run in the airport-ha! Can’t believe it’s happening, can’t believe we are here. Can’t believe we made it through TSA!

18 responses to “Here We Go!”

  1. I am a friend of Marian’s and she shared the link to follow your trip! Praying y’all have a safe trip! Post lots of pictures and I can’t wait to read about y’all’s travels!

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  2. Allie, are you coming back? I’m imagining an Under the Tuscan Sun situation. I look forward to your blog posts but understand if you get too busy trying to locate your stuff in all the different hidey holes. Still jealous!!


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